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Below are samples of various bar code symbologies. These samples are intended to provide an idea of the approximate size. They are not intended to be scannable images.

Code 128

H=Height, N=Ratio, X=Narrow Bar Width

  • C128AP
  • Prop. H=0.167" N=N/A X=4 Data: See Below

    c128aa Sub A Data: 12345678
    c128ab Sub B Data: 12345678
    c128ac Sub C Data: 0123456789

  • C128BP
  • Prop. H=0.167" N=N/A X=8 Data: See Below

    c128ba Sub A Data: 12345678
    c128bb Sub B Data: 12345678
    c128bc Sub C Data: 0123456789

  • C128CP
  • Prop. H=0.167" N=N/A X=6 Data: See Below

    c128ca Sub A Data: 12345678
    c128cb Sub B Data: 12345678
    c128cc Sub C Data: 0123456789

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